November 1, 2011

They shouted, they screamed, they cried. Some trembled and others roared.

The scene at Occupy San Diego, a month-old protest camped in San Diego’s Civic Center Plaza, was tense last Friday. Police watched with narrowed eyes a crowd that swelled to more than 1,000 disgruntled and disenchanted citizens.

The officers moved into the crowd once, twice, three times to arrest those who had laid down in a sleeping bag, or on a piece of cardboard, or between blankets. Dressed in blue, hands raised, the cops formed a tight perimeter around the offenders and zip-tied their hands.

In the early hours of that morning, hundreds of San Diego Police and county Sheriff’s Deputies had moved in on the protestors’ camps in the plaza and at a nearby park, arresting more than 50 for various offenses.

The demonstrator’s notice went out over Facebook, and Twitter, and through text messages and emails: we need help. The unions answered, turning out hundreds of their members for a late-night rally.

These images capture moments of passion, and sorrow, and everything in-between. They show the protest as it was: sometimes fractured, sometimes whole.

[These photos were taken at an Oct. 28 Occupy San Diego rally.]